The Vectra B, was introduced in 1995, and the model range included an estate version for the first time. This model replaced the Vauxhall Cavalier in the UK. The Vauxhall badged Vectra B was the last Vauxhall to be produced at the company's Luton plant, where the end of automobile production was announced at Christmas 2000, taking effect just over a year later.

The model was badged as the Holden Vectra in Australia and New Zealand. In 1998, Holden began assembly of the Vectra for export to other right-hand drive markets in the region, although this was aversely affected by the Asian economic crisis, and ended in 2001.

Engines started from the 71 PS (52 kW) 1.6 L, Family 1 but eventually the 8-valve engines were all replaced by 16-valve powerplants. The 2.0 L Family II engine, with 136 PS (100 kW) was developed as a basis for touring car racing (later in Australia, 2.2 L 108 kW), but the top of the line was a 2.5 L V6 with 170 PS (125 kW). Diesel power came once again from Isuzu, but now featured direct injection and a 16-valve head.

In 1999 the Vectra was updated, receiving a mildly modified body (that can be identified by the single piece headlight units and body-coloured bumpers) together with somewhat improved handling characteristics and better equipment.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swopping Engines

I managed to get another engine 1.6 with 590000 mileage exact the same engine. As I haven't done it ever before I needed some extra help from my roommate Artur.
For people who say this job is in possible THINK AGAIN! We both had 0 experience on swapping engines.


Tools needed :
First thing you have to find is a nice and dry spot where you can keep the car overnight and make sure that it can stay there for a while if something might go wrong!

First start with downer car , which engine you are going to use!

Jack the car up and remove the wheel first from one side and secure it with axle stands ( got two of them for 10 euro in Lidl).

And then the other side. Make sure its high enough that u can access engine underneath. Best place to place Axel stands is under the frame just in the front of the car. Use two of them ! SAFETY FIRST. (Always make sure car is safely lifted. Use two wheels under the middle of the car just in case!)

Then remove the front bumper There is a "star"  screw on each side and two on the top. To access them you need to move the "arches covers" Black plastic covers. They are held by black pins by pressing on inside of them you can remove the pins Also underneath of the bumper are the same type pins..(when removing front bumper you also need remove front grill that is attached with 3 screws on the top .

Removing Gill :


As this a big job and might get messy I also recommend to remove front lights. They are very easy to remove. Once you have removed the front bumper you have full access to all screws. DO NOT USE FORCE!

Now we are ready to get started! 

For next move you are going to need two people! 

You are going to remove the hood now there are 4 screws holding it on both side.

Put the hood safely aside, when removing hood disconnect the washers cables!

Next step would be to take pictures of your engine so in case you forget where something was, you can have a look from pictures:

Now we are going to remove the rest objects that might be in our way! Its clever to make enough space around the engine for your easier access.

Air box ( black box on left side of the engine)  Remove the top cover first and then two screws on both side under the box. Also remove the pipe running from engine.  
Now you are ready to start removing radiator:

Before starting remove the battery!
Now open the thermostat that is located on the left side on bottom of the radiator to let the liquid out! Make sure you dispose of the liquids properly!
Now we are ready to start disconnecting pipes.First the top then the middle and the bottom. Also disconnect the wiring for the cooler fan.


I bought this car exactly year ago. And decided to fix it up. The car original mileage was 149000 and was previously owned by some boy racer. As I loved the colour I could not sell it on. YES the only reason I kept it it was because of its colour and also that  I always give up on every car that I owned previously . So here we are , as going true Internet various pages I could not find enough information to transform my beautiful car. So I decided to make an blog and keep YOU updated on progress of OPEL VECTRA B 1997.

Some bad points :
  • Engine - Smoky , Oily and lack of power
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Body

The car overall look isn't the best that's why I decided to bring this car back to life.